‘Catching Fire’ Premiere Experience & Movie Review

Two of us had the chance to go out to Los Angeles to go attend the ‘Catching Fire’ movie premiere here are my reflections and review of the weekend, with Heather’s to come later:

I actually was able to attend part of the Fan Camp on Saturday, even though my flight into LA was delayed, but I’m glad I made it! By the time I got there the actual camp had already been erects with tons of tents along the side of the Nokia Plaza, and fans were lined up to meet Willow Shields (Prim) and then later on Stephanie Leigh Schlund (Cashmere). All the screens on the plaza were showing mockingjays and people representing Kindle Fire were there taking photos of fans in front of a green screen. Here are a few pictures I was able to snap:

In terms of the premiere it was pretty amazing, even though I didn’t get to go to the red carpet. We had seats in the center section and many of the named tributes from the ‘Hunger Games’ were sitting a few rows behind us! It was cool that they were supporting the next film, even though they weren’t in it.

As a short spoiler free review of the movie I would agree with most of the people there that ‘Catching Fire’ one upped the ‘Hunger Games’. I think the world of Panem in its turmoil was better developed and that the new supporting characters were a welcomed addition. Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman is still one of my favorite characters; he’s just perfect at it in my opinion. If you’re fan of the books, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

We also go to attend the after party, which was Capitol themed – and here are a few shots from that:

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  • Sonia

    I just saw the movie and I loved it!!! Everything was perfect and I got tears in my eyes several times. I visit this sight often. Thanks for the updates! I’m always surprised more people do not comment.

    • Dani Lore

      Thanks for your comment, Sonia, and thanks for coming to us for Catching Fire updates! I also loved the movie. :) I was surprised by the amount of lines and specific details from the book that made it into the film. And the new cast was awesome. Keep checking back for more news and interviews!

  • Gabby

    Thank you for all the Catching Fire movie updates! Ii can’t wait for the Mockingjay site to come out! I’ll continue to spread the word about these sites- thanks so much (again) for keeping us updated!