Most Anticipated Scenes From ‘Catching Fire’

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catching fire 300 Most Anticipated Scenes From Catching FireSpoiler alert!  If you have yet to read the book, some things may be given away here.

We want to know, which scenes do you most look forward to seeing in Catching Fire?  According to Jennifer Lawrence, getting married is one of the most exciting prospects for the second installment of the franchise.  Other buzzed about scenes include the infamous burn-away wedding dress, Peeta and katniss kissing in the arena, and the big explosion at the end.  Then, of course, there is also Finnick in his scantly clad opening ceremony costume…

What do you look forward to seeing on film?  What scenes do you feel are absolutely essential and must be brought to the screen?


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  • S0phiaxoxoPEETA


  • S0phiaxoxoPEETA

    i love all those scenes!!!!!!
    but one they didnt mention is when peeta dies!!!!well not really, but i like how katniss is all freaking out and cryin for me thats where i truly knew she loved him and so did finnick as we all know he says in mocking jay well only ppl who have read the book would know but yea i aslo loved that scene and also how finnick saves him!!!!!!!!heheh katniss is all like soo confused haha i wonder if that’s how they’er gonna put in the movie ahhh cant wait this is my favorite one better not ruin it !!!!!!!!!

  • summerlove103

    I love all the scenes u mentioned and I am absolutely excited to see how it turns out in the movie ;) Some of the scenes u didn’t mention which I look forward to is when peeta doesn’t really die but Katniss thinks he is dead and she’s freaking out and crying and then when finnick is trying to “bring him back to life” she’s going out of her mind cause she thinks he’s kissing him which is funny. Another scene is when Katniss finally realizes the arena is like a clock which is pretty awasome. I loved the idea of how the arena is. Victory tour also. And i hope Josh hutcherson as peeta is going to be more present in this movie then the last cause Peeta is really amazing.

  • ggbean19

    I love all the scenes that they mentioned :) Some of the scenes I want to see is when Finnick and Katniss start to bound. I think thats one of the important details for ”Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay” because they are really close in the second and the third book … Another scene I want to see is when Peeta and Katniss are talking while they are keeping watch and Katniss has that moment when she kisses Peeta and has that same feeling she had in the cave with him in the 74th Hunger Games. I also want to see the conversation that Katniss and Peeta are having when they are alone.

  • hope

    the arena!!!!

  • jayjay19

    I LOVE ALL THOSE SCENES :) i would like to see the visit with President Snow when he gives Katniss a warning about being in love with Peeta. i would also like the see when they are on the tour and Katniss storms out of the train when she snaps at Effie and Katniss and Peeta decide to be friends. Also i want to see when Katniss is dressed in her wedding dress and it turns into a Mockingjay. I cant wait to see how it turns out :)

  • tannerlove

    *****SPOILER ALERT*****
    I really want to see when Katniss and Finnick scare Peeta when he wakes up, Katniss’s mockingjay/wedding dress, Finnick’s opening ceremony costume (hehe), when Peeta dies but not really, when Katniss figures out what Wiress has been trying to say (tick tock this is a clock), and District 11 victory tour.

  • Jeff M

    The District 11 visit on the Tour after victory, The ending tour party at the Capitol where Plutarch shows Katniss the watch with the mockingjay. Katniss meeting Finnick at the opening ceremonies, Joanna Mason getting in the elevator with Katniss and Peeta, The full Quarter Quell.

  • Joshua Robinson

    I am looking forward to her burn away dress, the force field explosion, how well Finnick handles a trident, and how they will portray the new arena with the beach and the jungle and how it runs like a clock with all of those disasters.

  • Unknown

    “Tick Tock, the arenas a clock…”

    • hungergamesfan


    • Alicia

      Oh my gosh YES!

  • Caro95


    • Prim


      • S0phiaxoxoPEETA

        riight!!!!!!! seriously im not askin for like swallowing each other type of make out just come on.just a perfect kiss u know!

        • Beatriz Montufar

          ATLEAST 5 kisses throughout the whole movie

    • Madison

      I’m with ya! That let me down in the Hunger Games.

    • EffieFan12

      I know!! I was expecting them to have the whole cave thing but they didnt :( one one kiss which i couldnt get enough of!!

    • L. McCrary

      Yes!!! I was highly disappointed with the lack of kissage in the first movie. I mean c’mon…these two are supposed to be falling in love!!!

  • Team PEETA

    i can’t wait for the scene when Finnick saves Peeta’s life in the arena when he hits the force feild. : )

  • Hawaiian_Wahine808

    I just really want to see all the scenes with Peeta and Katniss, try not to leave any of that out. Also, when president Snow visits her at her home in the victors village. And what happens when Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch find out about the quarter quell. And almost everything leading up to the explosion. haha ;)

  • awsomeness

    i like all of the senes what i really want to see is the part at the very beginning when peetah says that katnis is pregnant and they were already married at the interview also when they have just went into the arena and katniss swimms out and she grabs her bow and finnally she meats up with finnck and starts to look at peeta when he is still up at the platform and she starts to take off of her things and go too swim for peeta and finnick says no you shouldnt do that in your condition and pats her stomach and swims for peetah

  • fooooooooooooood


    • xela

      I can’t believe its not butter

  • gigi19catchingfirelover:)

    I would like to see the whipping that Gale encounters and when Katniss kisses Gale to get the people who havent read the books get a surprise in the end. I cant wait to see how it turns out though!!!!! :D

  • iamadison

    I want to see the roof scene, when Peeta and Katniss are on the roof together and he is playing with her hair and all. But if that scene is in there, Peeta HAS to say “I wish I could freeze this moment and live in it forever.”

    • Team Peeta!!!!

      YES!!! I thought this scene is so perfect and so adorable :)

    • I<3Peeta

      That’s one of my fav parts in the book! I can’t wait for the movie!

    • Beatriz Montufar

      I love that part they got to make this movie more romantic than the first movie

    • Kristine Avila

      That scene is one of my favorite. They are so romantic together.

    • TeamPeetaForeva!

      OMG! I LOVE that part that is AMAZING!!!!


    Finnick should be played by the guy in the movie beastly

  • TeamPEETA

    How about the part when Peeta gives Katniss the pearl? <3

    • EffieFan12

      Hell yes!!!!:)

    • Silence’s Voice

      Yes, please. That is a “MUST BE in the movie”!!! ;D

    • Beatriz Montufar

      I forgot what the pearl was about can u tell me

  • Karen Sager

    Scenes im looking forward to…. Peeta telling the world that they’re already “married”, and that Katniss is “pregnant”, the whipping scene with gale, peeta giving katniss the pearl, everything in the training center and on the train, tik tok this is a clock, Katniss and Finnick scaring Peeta, Peeta “dying”, and some more stuff that I cant think of right now

  • m0llyann16

    I want to see the video of Haymitch’s Hunger Games!!!!!

    • Maddie

      Cannot WAITT to see that!

    • Ireallydontcareabouturproblems

      You know there is already a video of his HG on youtube…. I watched it like last year and it was amazing….

    • Ruby

      good thinking!

  • loveKatniss

    My favorite was when she became the Mockingjay!

  • peetabread

    1. when they hold eachother at night so that they have someone who understands the terror they face at night. i think that it is so beautiful an pure.
    2. “sugar cube”
    3. them standing together in the chariot refusing to play the part of happy victors. drawing attention away from Snow.
    4. the kiss inturupted by Finnic
    5. shes pregnant
    6. she snapps at effie
    7. recognizes the avox
    8. gail whiped after the argument
    9. the scene where everyone is making fun of katness for not listening to distract the peacekeepers
    10. peeta working with her on the family book.
    11. the pearl
    12. peeta painting rue
    13. peeta dieing and finnics confusion at katnesses greef
    14. “i wish i could freeze this moment and live in it forever”
    15. drunk katness
    16. when they ask eachothers favorite colour.
    note. s colllins is amazing. she made many amazing scenes. some only need a few seconds to be portrayed. but we really need to see that katness loves peeta, even if she doesnt understand it yet.

    • L. McCrary

      I agree with your note.

    • Katie

      Yes I totally agree with you. Although I think (In my opinion) We dont really need to have the Avox scene. Because I think there would have been a scene in the first movie where she thinks she knows one of the Avox’s that work for the capital on the train. (I could be wrong about that) LOL anyways but I am totally with you for all of your suggestions:)

    • finnicklover12

      totally agree with you

  • PEETA Fan and lover! KP

    I want to see all the love and kissing between katniss and PEETA (sleeping and kissing) like katniss screaming and PEETA comfort her, also PEETAs pearl and locket, the dress change, peetas picture and creation of rue, the picnic on the roof scene and peetas freeze this moment line,the book has a ton of PEETA and so should the movie :) ! I also hope the movie makers see what really needs to be in the movie to create another great hunger games film:)!

    • yea gurl.

      your just said it all right there.

    • Leslie McCrary

      I agree. Especially the scenes from the train.

  • JessPfund

    I love alllll the scenes that were mentioned but I think it’s really important to emphasize how much people are secretly trying to make sure katniss comes out alive. I kind of picked up on that when I was reading the book and think the movie should drop little hints too.

  • xela

    I want to see district 13 because how else would katniss have escaped in the 75th hunger games

  • Mandy<3

    Funny… Looking at all these comments make me wonder about the writers intentions… The audience, the people that dress katniss, all remind me of the excitement people get over actor and famous beings. Government reminds me of the Capitol. So whose really in the games? And are we the heartless crowd? Just a thought… (;

  • SuperHGfan

    I have LOVED all three books and the movie is phenomenal! I understood most of what was dropped or conveyed differently in the movie The Hunger Games. I would just like to see as much of the book as possible but am hoping that Catching Fire will be made as well as The Hunger Games. MUST HAVE character backgrounds, District 13, the victor’s housing in district 12 (and the Katniss w/Snow scene), the clock in the arena (and the breach), the battles (real and media made w/Katniss), the wedding dress, President Snow’s roses (and why he has them), etc. – see Peetabread’s post for a good list. If Catching Fire is made in the same way that The Hunger Games was, it will be nothing less than spectacular! Casting looks to be interesting. Will wait and see…

    • Yeahh

      Hungers Games was poorly made with close to no violence. The books revolve around violence

  • Giles Carwyn

    I’m looking forward to the victory tour.
    -Liefke, age 9
    I’m looking forward to the interview where Peeta says that Katness is pregnant.
    -Luna, age 7
    I’m looking forward to Katness dumping water on Haymitch.
    -Daddy, age 41

    • CW

      …I’m sorry, but Hunger Games should not be viewed/read by anyone under the age of ten. It’s too mature. Little kids should be watching Spongebob and Disney Channel shows.

      • MamaBear22

        You should mind your own business. When my kids are old enough I will be reading it to them as well. Its a whole lot better than the crap thats out there and Im sorry but Spongebob is not a very appropriate show in my opinion. Id rather my children know that life isn’t all sweet and wonderful. I was raised on war stories from my grandfather and stories about the great depression and so on. I turned out just fine and I was grateful for those stories, and he spared no details gore and all. I think it’s a wonderful book for a parent to read their children. Plus there is no sex in the books so I don’t see how its too mature. Kids are not stupid they see and hear things around them and are more aware than you would imagine.

      • Katnip

        That’s you opinion and maybe the child is mature enough to read it!! N

  • Beatriz Montufar

    When peeta and katniss decide to be friends after being in an argument with peeta haymitch and effie also when she went to the woods and the electric fence was turned on and she got hurt. And all the conversations with president snow. And EVERY passionate moment peeta and katniss have and also ALL the details for when gayle got whipped and kissed katniss and her being confused on which one she likes best(peeta or gayle)

  • Beatriz Montufar

    And when peeta and katniss asked for milk and I think it was the avox who found them ‘making out.’ And when they watch haymitch’s hunger games tape and when he walks in while they’re watching it

  • Beatriz Montufar

    The movie HAS TO adf in that peeta has a metal plate leg thingy and in the book it says katniss is dressed more grown and finnick starts sorta making fun of her

    • Beatriz Montufar

      About the the katniss part is in the quarter quell

  • Beatriz Montufar

    I want to see the part when katniss comes home drunk and when effie takes a long time to pick the tribite for the girls side for the quarter quell so badly.

  • Beatriz Montufar

    When peeta and katniss decide to be friends after being in an argument with peeta haymitch and effie also when she went to the woods and the electric fence was turned on and she got hurt. And all the conversations with president snow. And EVERY passionate moment peeta and katniss have and also ALL the details for when gayle got whipped and kissed katniss and her being confused on which one she likes best(peeta or gayle)

  • Beatriz Montufar

    I NEED to see the part when finnick has to leave mags behind in order to save peeta which will be the only reason katniss is trying to syay alive for to protect him

  • katrina

    the victory tour and katniss and peeta on the train before the games and the arena the whole clock thing and of course finnick and the sugar cube scene.

  • Shyanners

    “want a sugar cube?” TEAM FINNICK!! <3

  • BookAddict

    I’m really looking forward to Peeta telling Panem she’s pregnant, Peeta comforting katniss on the victory tour, and the pearl scene!! These HAVE to be in the movie!!!!

  • avathys

    Anything with Finnick in it… I love Sam! (PotC anyone?)
    In particular the sugar cube scene, him wielding his trident, rescuing peeta, scaring peeta, trapped with the jabberjays, and my personal favorite, “Finnick, we found out how to make you pretty again!”

  • ilovebacon

    i want to see the scene where they watch haymitch hunger games and when president snow is at her house and when the whole tick tock its a clock and when finnick saves peeta from the water

  • Katnip x

    One moment people are missing is Katniss and Gales kiss, I think it pretty important as it does explain a lot of Katniss’ behaviour as she isn’t sure who to pick…

  • Katnip x

    Also the scene right before she enters the quater quell and Cinna is tortured in front of her- Cinna and Effie are the only people from the Capitol that Katniss really connects with and this shows how desperate Snow is to punish and distract her.

  • Kristyn Sanchez

    The hanging of Seneca Crane

  • CW

    I want “Drunk Katniss” because it was hilarious, and “Sugarcube”. Also, some nice little slow “draw the camera up his body from the feet” moment for Finnick (thought it’s not in the book). Eventhough I’m not too in love with the actor playing him, this sounds cool. Everything else other people mentioned, since there’s so many good moments in CF.

  • Lucy

    Haymitch’s reaping, preferably with his family and girlfriend.

  • Wade English


  • Wade English

    3 stars

  • Anonymous


  • Lalaland

    I want to see the dress soooooo badddd! Its gonna be pimp. Too bad Cinna dies D”x Another much wanted scene is seeing the place go BOOM

  • alyssa

    i want to see the part
    1. johanna saying “idc if shes knocked up ill rip her throat out”
    2. i want to freeze this moment right here, and live in it forever
    3.electric fence & katniss breaking her ankel

  • Jess

    I can’t wait for Peeta to go mad at Delly! and for Finnick with the sugar cubes and for Wiress singingand the morphlings just everything

  • MamaBear22

    I am looking forward to:
    The Scene with Katniss and the women from the district that had an uprising.
    The Scene with Katniss and Gale at the old house by the lake when she tells him everything.
    Gale being whipped.
    Peeta, Katniss, and Haymitch traning for the Games.
    Peeta and Katniss on the roof having their Picnic.
    The Mockingjay/Wedding Dress
    The Part where the clock spins.
    The fog.
    Basically theres a lot of parts I hope they don’t leave out! I could go on and on. I really hope they make Catching Fire longer than the Hunger Games was because there are so many more big parts and a lot more small details. I can’t wait to see this in Nov 2013. Im sure I will have read the books twenty more times by then and I will be reading the books to my husband since my children are still so little (1 yr old and 3 yr old). Even my husband liked the Hunger Games movie and that saying a lot for him. So glad they didn’t cast the Twilight guy that would have ruined it for me we hate Twilight.

  • Dustin Lewis

    It isan’t so much the arena kiss but Katnes and Peeta’s arguments over who should leave alive. Also the Peeta dieing and coming back thats realiy gonna tweek things if its in there.

  • Christina Kaiser

    All of them.

  • hannah

    I want to see how the do the jabber-jay scene! Cant wait!!

  • yayi

    i’m dying to see:

    1-Snow in katniss’s house that it is a trap whe he tells her “conviced me” because he wants to use peeta to break her

    2-finnick and the sugar cube

    3-the train part and the picnic (my favorite one. i enjoyed that part, because are so many bad things that you have to live the happy ones and you finally get to know how much how deep peeta loves katniss)

    4- when gale tells katniss “i love you”, the kiss, gale whiped

    5- peeta telling that katniss is pregnant and when all the victors joy hands

    6- the clock, the arena

    7- when katniss freaks out when peeta “died” and when he is still joking about that jajaja

    8- when peeta tells katniss that she is his whole life and she realize that he is not playing for the cameras and whe she tells him that she needs him (deep)

    9- the mockingjay dress

    10- cinna get killed
    11- how haymicht won the games
    So many things i want to see, i cant wait!!!!!


    1.The burn away dress
    2Gale whipped
    3.Haymitch’s Hunger Games
    4.Peeta’s interview
    5.All the tributes standing together during the anthem
    6.The night on the beach
    7.Them holding eachother every night
    8.Peeta’s paintings
    9.”Sugar Cube”
    10.”There is no District 12 Katniss…”

  • ilovepeeta

    i want them toshow as much of peeta and katniss as they can because there will be little to none of that probly in the next two mvies i also want to see the dress and most of the games

  • Oreomaster

    The destruction of District 12

  • hannahhhhhhh

    katniss and gale kissing

  • yeah

    I need to see a LOT of more violence and better special effects. The first movie sucked.

  • Hunger gamer

    1. Katniss pregnant
    2. Petta dies
    3. “Tick rock this is a clock”
    4. Peeta painting rue
    5. Scores from training
    6. When Katniss sees that Darius is an Avox
    7. When the force field breaks
    8. When Katniss breaks the hip

  • DellyCartwright

    I am really interested in seeing how they adapt these scenes:
    Katniss and Peeta telling each other their favourite colours
    Peeta’s paintings
    Peeta holding Katniss at night on the train
    Johanna in the elevator
    Finnick’s introduction
    The rooftop
    Interview (pregnant)
    Finnick and Katniss waking Peeta up
    K & P’s conversation and kiss (+ “you’re going to be a great mother”)
    Tributes teaming up (bread clues!)
    Explosion, shatter of arena barrier and Katniss screaming for Peeta
    “Katniss… There is no District 12.” Dun,DaDun!!!

    What I think will be cut:
    1. All Avox scenes, since they were cut in the last film
    2. At the interview when the tributes all hold hands
    3. K&P kisses for show
    4. Most from victory tour to 11 (if not all!)
    5. Gales Whipping (and 2nd K&G kiss)
    6. Injuring ankle
    7. Plant book (Peeta’s drawings) (BUT NOT “Stay with me”, “Always”; NEVER!!!)
    8. Wedding preparations

  • clove

    the sugar cubes omg!!!!!! And when Peeta almost dies and Katniss was crying with joy, Finnick smacks her away and she got confused for a moment

  • jp

    When Katniss realizes she has to relive the horror of the games.

  • Ballsy

    The Scene where Katniss is in the woods, and when she goes to return the fence is back on, so she must get over it

  • KayAshley

    I am so excited for catching fire but hunger games left out the train scene so non-book readers didnt know that Katniss was faking there love….. How are they gonna tie that in?

    • Anna

      The movie didn’t leave that out. Haymitch sent Katniss a note that basically told her to kiss Peeta, so that was hardly a choice out of pure free will. Then later Haymitch was stressing to her that she has to pretend at the interview that she did the berries because of love (implying that she wasn’t completely in love). And then in the train, when Katniss said she wants to forget everything – it implied that she wanted to forget about Peeta too. Subtext at least. Either way, if Catching Fire needs to reinforce that, I’m sure they will.

  • Rebekah Rose

    the beach scene with the locket. And the pearl

  • TheGoldEyedCasterWithaSecret

    I want to see:
    -Haymitch’s Hunger Games
    -When Snow visits Katniss
    -The announcement of the Quarter Quell
    -Peeta’s interview
    -When Peeta momentarily dies
    -The whole thing with Johanna and the tree costume
    -When Peeta and Katniss have that moment on the train right before watching the 2nd QQ. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that part! So sweet!
    -I really want to see Gale’s reaction to Peeta’s interview
    -The roof scene
    -When Peeta gives Katniss the locket and the pearl
    -And when Katniss is rescued, but finds out Peeta wasn’t

  • micah

    Shows Johanna’s hunger games

  • Erin

    Long list:

    1) Peeta always going to sleep with Katniss because of her nightmares
    2) The burning of the wedding dress
    3) The intimate scene between Katniss and Peeta on the beach
    4) Haymitch’s games
    5) Maysalee Donner and Madge Undersee!
    6) Gale being whipped
    7) Katniss and Peeta talking about stuff they like
    8) ‘If it wasn’t for the baby’ and ‘I want to freeze this moment and live in it forever
    9) Mags volunteering for Annie
    10) Cinna being killed
    11) Seneca Crane hanging dummy
    12) Peeta drawing Rue
    13) Katniss and Haymitch having a drink together
    14) Tick tock tick tock the arena’s a CLOCK!
    15) Wedding party and Katniss being showed Plutarch’s mockingjay watch
    16) Gale, Prim, Annie screaming
    17) Flashback to the Avox
    18) Katniss panicking about Gale being trapped in the mine (I think that’s in this one)
    19) Gale and Katniss’ kiss
    20) The woods where Katniss finds out about District 13 still existing! (this scene is REALLY important!

    That’s it FOR NOW.

  • Bethany Halliwell

    When Katniss snaps and says “No one cares Effie!” And storms off the train and Peeta follows her, they sit on the train tracks together, they have a heart to heart and become friends again. (Not a iconic part of the book but, I really like that moment)

  • Rue

    I wanna see lots more ORIGINAL Haymitch, like in the book, when Katniss pours water on him! it would be funny! XD

  • larssizemore

    i want to see Finnick give Peeta mouth-to-mouth.

  • Awesomenss

    I want to see the part when the acid rain begins to fall and the end when johana masson drops the coil of ropes on katniss’s head.

  • rue everdeen

    when katniss goes crazy

  • James Lonero

    If in my deranged fan fiction mind could play a charachter in a hunger games movie I would play president alma coin or boggs since the parts for prim and plutarch are but I like coin’s character as first choice because in the book there is so little described about her that would give an actor an almost open canvas to play with.


    i could play because everything except the length of my hair would be similar to description of the charachter. and minimal make up and costuiming would be needed. mary Mcdonnel should play coin and boggs could be played by kevin bacon.

    you need to watch the pilot to the new battle star galactica to understand why i would pick mcdonnel to play coin and watch murder in the first river wild and trapped to understand why i would pick Bacon to play boggs I am suggesting them since my chances of playing either charachter are between very slim and negative 1billion.

  • James Lonero

    If you want the hunger game franchise die a slow and agonizing death lionsgate should also hire me as the writer of the screen play for mockingjay 1 and 2 because even though I am a good story teller and all around bullshitter I am a terrible and undisciplined writer. If Frances Lawrence bows out as director for some strange reason Rob Zombie should write the screen plays for and direct mockingjay 1 and 2.LOL

  • James Lonero

    I would like to see the battle between finnick odair and the lizard mutts be a little mre epic in scale. and how gale saves 800 people from district 12 should be a large part of the opening footage. Also buttercup should have a larger role in mockingjay 1to show how he survived for so long by eating anything in his path while hungry. the destruction of D-12 has to be epic and gory to show the real cost everyone is paying to regain their freedom. and connect the younger disconnected generation to the consequences of violence whether the goal be good or evil.

  • James Lonero

    If I would add anything to movie as a suggestion it would be the point of time that katniss is telling the story. I would begin the movie with her telling her story in the future where she is still only 35 or 40 but does not hyavew long left to live and even though she is barely middle aged her children are grown as young adults to mid teens. they are not aware of the scope of what she accomplished in the role she played during the rebellion she would have long grey hair similar to president coin her eyes would be grey but not as much as coin’s eyes were . Because of tehe ravages of war damaged both her body and mind there are times she can’t distinguish between the past and present. So in the effort to retain some part of who she is with the time left . She forces herself to remember her past during the revolution that took down the capitol But what shwe discovers is that some things did not happen as she remembers them. but did happen and what actually happenned was far worse. Katniss in her quest also ends up along with others recovering the true history of Panem beginning with her role in mockingjay 1and 2. going all the way to 10 years before the dark days, The search for more money. LOL

  • JHutchFan_Peeta_CFire_101

    Sexiest Pic I’ve seen of Him Yet! OMG… Scenes I can’t wait for (All the Romantic Ones):

    1. When Peeta and Katniss see each other again for the first time in a long time and they run into each others arms in the snow and fall on their butts and start kissing

    2. The BEACH SCENE including the Locket and Pearl

    3. When Peeta Proposes to Katniss

    4. When Peeta announces that Katniss is Pregnant

    5. The Roof Scene with the Picnic and they just let go and have fun.(And KISS)

    6. When Peeta and Katniss comfort each other on the train because of their nightmares.

    7. AND WAYYYYY MOREEEEE :) THIS IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE BOOK OUT OF THE TRILOGY! It has soooo much Passion and Kissing and Love and Hurt and Anger and War and I just can’t wait for it to come out in Nov. Only 124 days :) Haha.
    I’m A HUGEE Fan and I’m always looking on the internet to see what kind of good news there is for the movie. And I can’t even begin to believe that Mockingjay begins to film in September and Catching Fire doesn’t even come out until November! OMG. It feels like it’s sooo far away. But It’s not because It’s almost August and then Back to school for 3 months and then it will be out! And then I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD SO then I can own it! WOO HOOO :) #EXCITED
    #SUPERSTOKED #OMG I CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT MOMENT #CatchingFire #PeetaLover #JHutchFan

  • James Lonero

    The scenes with Darius being knocked out at the whipping post and Peeta standing up fotr gale and katniss should have been left in from the book then the scene where katiniss sees that darius has been turned into an avox should have also been left in. Bonnie and Twill could have been left in but these two charachters could slow down movie if done wrong. Madge should have been left in three movies because when she gives her the mockingjay pin which was her aunts who was haymitch’s ally in the second quarter quell which belonged to maysilee donner and the pin has been in the family longer than that. before donner the history of the pin is a mystery. So leaving out a minor charachter such as madge was a big mistake because she adds depth ande continuity to the story for a film and madge was the indirect reason she saw that there was an uprising in d-8 because she went upstairs to look for her. and the destruction of d-12 in mockingjay should be through the eyes of her and her family to show how ruthless the captitol was by showing that even the mayor and head peace keeper were not safe from its wrath . I would write the script if I had any talent as a writer for mockingjay 1 and 2.

  • James Lonero

    Who does the fanbase thimk should play boggs in mockingjay movies.

  • BellaRosa

    So excited to see this film, there is a lot of the book that I want to see put into the film but I also like the idea, like they did with the first film, of seeing ‘behind the scenes’ stuff as it were. Like the gamemakers decisions throughout the Games, President Snow’s reaction to certain things etc. It gives us the opportunity to see more than the book lets us, as it is from Katniss’ perspective. I know Finnick is going to be a popular character but I hope they show his playful side like you see in the book, e.g making Peeta jump when he wakes up etc. Also, I hope they show the scene where they watch past Hunger Games, to get an idea of what other arenas were like, it’s intriguing.

  • Ruby

    The day before the Quarter Quell. When Peeta and Katniss are on the rooftop spending the day together. When Peeta hopes to have the moment be frozen forever. — I would really love to see this on screen! :D

  • katniss everdeen&peeta mellark

    saw the movie favorite scene is when katniss and peeta are on the beach and they are talking about dying and who needs who. I looooove the part when they kiss and Johanna says “come on you two love birds.”