The New Peacekeepers Look Amazing

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catching fire peacekeeper The New Peacekeepers Look Amazing

Woah, check out the new costume design for what appears to be peacekeeper outfits. Less stormtrooper, more organic like a militant armadillo. Nice.

[JustJared, via]


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  • Kelly

    I prefer the old suit, I liked the ‘black and white’ ying-yang illusion, it symbolizes peace :)

  • :(

    Ew! :(

  • kirsty

    they need the old ones back :’(

  • Elizabeth

    I like the old ones better, more scarier and this new one is too Sci-fi.

  • M.M

    Haha, love how buff this makes them look.

  • Kirstin Allan

    the old ones were much better that’s for sure

  • Anon

    you guys suck! these new peacekeepers look absolutely amazing!