First Catching Fire Poster REVEALED! Watch & Share for Prizes

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Woah, now!

Check out the very first glimpse into the Catching Fire movie universe with the reveal of this gorgeous motion poster. You may have seen it in front of Breaking Dawn Part 2, but now you can experience it in all its glory at home.

Even better, you can share it for a chance to have your name in the credits of Catching Fire!

To win, share #TheSpark.


catching fire movie poster 600x945 First Catching Fire Poster REVEALED! Watch & Share for Prizes

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  • Unknown

    Oh my goodness. I think I just exploded

  • S0phiaxoxoPEETA/EDWARD

    aaaaaaaaaaah i saw this when i went to breaking dawn premire i think thats how u spell it anyways moving on… oki so i was in the theater at 10 at night tried cuz the night before i stayed up like till 2 then woke up for school so yea…but i love twilight mostly edward but still the movie was awsome… sry back to the THG, siting there then this comes out i yellled like yelled i swear… so this woke me up for the actul movie and when it finnish at the credits when their faces come out edward got more screams than jacob yay!!!and when bella came out i yelled cheater! everyone started laughing and im sry if i offened anybody by yelling that i was jst trying to be funny anyways no hard feelings to anybody who also got offened by takling about breaking dawn….. but i love THG more just better acting!!i guess?

  • Team FINNICK <3

    OMG Lov it!!!!

  • HungerGamesLover4Life

    Has anyone else noticed that when the pin starts moving they have 12 segments which represents the arena and it starts moving like a clock just like the arena