Catching Fire Movie: Here’s the Release Date. Too Long a Wait?

catching fire movie 315x442 Catching Fire Movie: Heres the Release Date. Too Long a Wait?The release date for the Catching Fire movie based off the Hunger Games Trilogy  has just been announced–it’ll be hitting theaters November 22, 2013 just in time for the Thanksgiving Holidays.

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  • ChaazzLynn

    I think it’s too long a wait. I mean, one less day than a year!! I’ll forget about the first movie by the time the secondone comes out!!

    • L8slper

      Catching Fire is scheduled for release on November 22, 2013. That is 19 months after Hunger Games comes out. What are they thinking? A year later is too long but 19 months????

      • areina

        I agree. it’s going to end up like twilight where within the time they make the next movie all the fans’ friends who dislike it will pressure them into dropping it and the fan base will decrease exponentially like what happened to Justin Beiber

  • Guest

    If they need the time to make it a great movie, take it! It would be terrible to have a poorly done rushed sequel.

    • Erin Julian

      i agree!

    • Katniss and Peeta forever

      I agree,but don’t you think that’s a little too long.

  • Marroq12

    A year is a very decent time to wait. It’ll takes several months just filming the movie. But they Also have to write the script, cast the new actors, Do the special effects and distribute the film across the country (and world) I am surprised we don’t have to wait longer.

    • ChaazzLynn

      I agree, but I don’t want to. I want all the movies out now!

      • Bobrox

        he has a point actually because if you think about how the book itself was about 100 pages longer and there were so many new characters such as finnick, beetee, etc. also, in a movie based on this book, there are so many effects needed to make this happen.

        • Tri18

          ya but  people  are going to loose intrest becase people who havent read the books will forget the 1st movie and be confused!

          • Marc Abian

            That will be a serious problem for anyone who was bitten by a radioactive gerbil.

      • Katie Howie

        me eaither 

    • Deze2005

      yes they do have to do all that but if they know that they will be filming all three movies then while they are filming one they should be doing everything they need to do pre production for the next. Its simple you have 3 books that take place not too far apart from each other so actors need tonot age very much. Twilight they filmed it all consistently and therefore the movies came out at a decent time span.

  • NikkiD123

    I’m not very happy about it, but I’d much rather have the movie come out later and be really good then have it come out earlier and seem sloppily put together. The only thing I’m worried about is that the actors are already much older than the characters they play, I just hope they won’t look too old in catching fire and mockingjay.

    • guest

      I agree that they need to make a quality product but 19 months is a little too long. By the time that 19 months has gone by the 3rd in the series should be starting production.
       I think a year is long enough if not too long. The next movie should be filmed as soon as publicity is done on the first. I am also thinking about how old the characters will look by the time the third movie is released. 

      • Reason

        my god they need to rest.  I would rather see a film that is solid and beautifully put together rather than a film that is rushed so all the crazy teenage girls can see a movie before they start withdrawal and kill themselves. I will be happy to wait if I know that a quality film is being put together. That is and was the downfall of the Twilight films.  

        • bcook02

          Maybe there’s just a lot of CGI involved…that can take a lot of time. Maybe that’s why Breaking Dawn Part 2 won’t come out for another year.

        • HungergamesLOVER

          Not true, well kinda, but that is mean to all the teenage girls out there loving the hunger games (me) but i need hunger games. Im counting down the dasy to the movie, if i cant make it 53 days i dont think i cant make months and months of waiting.

        • Katniss and Peeta forever

          the twilight movies were fine and did not seem rushed together I think you need to rethink.I think if they get a great director and the works that the movie can come out sooner.

      • Katie Howie

        but the charachters grow older in the books so they should grow older in the movie to its common sence 

        • Deze2005

          yes they do grow older in the books but not that much older. catching fire starts soon after they get back not years.

        • appie123

          Yeah well the Victory Tour is only six months after the games, and the next games are another six moths after that! so that means that the actors will age more than double what they aged in the book. plus, theres a new director and who knows what he’ll change! they could lose many audience members because they make us wait so long.

    • Kelly

      I agree, I would rather see it well down than really bad.  But it is like a way to longer wait. I don’t know wether i’ll make it to then. I’ll probaly be driven mad.

  • LegHitchThis

    that is a long ass time! just because the book is called catching fire, doesnt mean the hg fire wont die down.

    lol im so cheesy.

    • TeamGale1

      Yes you are and I don’t think Hunger Games could EVER die down!!!!!!!:)

      • LegHitchThis

        I don’t even remember saying that. So long ago. Yes it could never die down. 

      • Katie Howie

        right thoe 

  • bcook02

    yes that’s too long to wait. Summit is making everyone wait a year for the second breaking dawn movie. So Lionsgate will now make us wait longer than that? YUCK!

  • Catherine Beatrice

    omg i feel special. ik when its coming out and my friends dont yet ^-^

  • I<3JoshHutcherson

    definatly 2 long 2 wait!!!! i mean if its gonna b in 2013 it should at least come out a bit earlier than november… but then again it takes time 2 make a rilly good movie so i guess it’ll b worth the wait :)

  • Jacqueline

    Thats way to long of a wait! And thats not a excited !. Though it does come out on my friend’s birthday, which I’m pushing her to read the first book, shes on page 20 since december, and I agree with NikkiD123 the characters already look to old expect from Willow (prim) whos 11 and prim is 12.

  • Peeta4eva

    Thats just absolutely AWFUL!
    If i cant wait 40 days for the HG movie to come out. In 1 year ill be dying.

  • Racheli123

    OMG I loved the hunger games, but yes, I hope all of the same characters are in it……it wont be fair if they aren’t.!!!!!!!!!!

    • grace williams

      oh my god i love the hunger games to! but i do love peeta im just a peeta fan!

      • Parvin Purawal

        i love peeta mellark

  • TeamGale1

    I love the Hunger Games, but they need to put it out right after the twilight movie comes out because people will have 2 hopefully good movies to see! And is the same cast starring in Catching Fire?

    • appie123

      yes, same cast except for new people like finnick, beetee, johanna, and such.

  • Frances Lasley

    Catching Fire is the worst of all three books.  people will loose interest if you wait that long

    • Katie Howie

      i plead to fifth i think thats the 2nd best out of all of them 

    • nick waterson


  • Alioop

    Tho victory tour is supposed to be 6 months after the games, and the next game time 6 months after that … the actors will age too much, and the audience may lose interest.  It’s too long!! 

    • Guest

      no it isn’t our make products r getting better by the month so they’ll either be animated a little or just have a lot of makeup on

      • Guest

        srry forgot the up

    • NJC

      I don’t see the age thing being any kind of a serious issue with make up and graphics and all. I guess the storyline needs a bit more work than book 1 so the script may take some time, plus casting all the new characters before finally shooting the thing. We also don’t know what commitments some of the cast may have coming up this year too which may be the reason for an Autumn start. At least we get the DVD out in the Summer and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, a full unedited version with extra footage too. There must be loads of bits they filmed then did away with due to timing issues. Let’s see em all in the DVDs please.

    • Bratniss Everclean

       I don’t  agree at all. I will never lose interest in” The Hunger Games”

      • Parvin Purawal

        i totally agree

        • Parvin Purawal

          with bratniss

      • Skyler Swyers

        Bratniss Everclean as in the Hunger but mainly Death games? lol

      • Katniss_h8s_bratniss-everclean

        katniss everdeen is my favorite!

    • appie123

      I agree. 

    • appie123

      I agree. 

    • Dysirah Smith

      that’s a year!!! duh

    • peeta_luvs_katniss

      i dont think that its too long i will not lose interest in the hunger games and you dont age that much in one year

      • Parvin Purawal

        exactly you cant much in just one year

  • Sydnies27

    why does it have to be to long? the twilight movies came out about a year later not over a year and a half later. november 2013 mocking jay should be coming out! hopefully they will decide to change the date to something sooner but at least once hunger games comes out on d.v.d, us peeta fans will have something to do to occupy our time with. TEAM PEETA FOR LIFE!

    • K.T.Mellark

      u said it girl! i am a team peeta girl! honestly we will find stuff to occupy us cuz every single hg fan will go nuts with trailors and interviews!  i agree on the date why soooooooo late? but its not like with the late date we will get bored! peace out y’all

    • appie123

      yeah! go team peeta!

    • Mockingjay

      True the Twilight movies came out year after year, but what they made up for in time they lost in quality (not that the storyline was ever as complex as THG). The Hunger Games need to be well balanced, produced, and casted. The second and third books are more politically and psychologically charged than the first, and careful, deliberate production is going to have to reveal all of that (most of which is narrated by Katniss in first person) on screen with as few words as possible. And I want no censoring. This isn’t a kids book, or movie. It’s traumatic and horrible and I want them to do a good freaking job rendering it. A whole other year does kind of suck, but then, I expect I damn good film for it. 

      • Nicholas Kelch

        It will be amazing most likely and i agree 2 years is a little lengthy but twilight came out so fast is because twilight sucked so bad it was able to be produced better quality movie then the book in little time. (I was discussed with twilight and didn’t think anything could be worse, then i read new moon)

      • Fan

        Couldnt have said it better myself p.s.I’m barely 13 yes siree NO CENCORING!!

    • concernedcapitolcitizen

      NO!!! None of this team crap! That was a dumb gimmick for twilight, DON’T RUIN THE HUNGER GAMES with this silly high school girl thing like twilight. The longer it takes to film the better, i’d rather have it done right than quick and disappointing

    • linnh

      ummm, the quality the twilight movies sucked. In fact after watching the first and then second I was completely turned off of ever actually reading the books. Hopefully the Hunger Games is better quality. I am willing to wait for a movie that holds truer to the books, is well acted, and tells the story in such a way that its main points really hit home with those who have chosen not to read the books.

    • Dysirah Smith

      see you have common sense thank you!!

    • Marc Abian

      The Twilight movies are written and acted like daytime soaps. Quality takes longer.

  • Olivia Lea

    love the hunger games!!!  So stoked abojut Catching firre movie!

  • team peeta


    • appie123

      yeah team peeta!!

  • Mandijones67

    I hope the movie’s good. the first one was.

  • Fortunato Isabella

    That’s far too long to wait. I was expecting march of 2013 TT_TT. BTW who will play Finnick in Catching Fire?????

  • rossdenton

    Grant Gustin needs to play Finnick, seriously!

  • Team_Peeta<3

    Ill be a sophomore by the time it comes out! I am in 8th grade right now! Too long of a wait!

  • Mellark

    It’ll probably be worth the wait

  • Marleyschmidt

    way to long

  • Bratniss Everclean

    I can’t wait but, I still think that Francias Lawrence will be great.

  • Hnrogers11

    why such a long wait to see the movie!!!!

  • Ronmans

    I guess its not like the batman movies were they filmed them 9 years ago and the last one comes out now in 2012

  • Ariella Michalsky

    that is WAY to long to wait it needs to WAY sooner!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    I am obsessed with hunger games and agree that the CF release date is too late. I think some of the reason is because Jennifer Lawrence had a contract to do a sequel for xmen first class witch starts filming January 2013 so they can’t start filming CF till summer 2013.

    #Team Peeta!!!

  • Zporter0801


  • Derp

     That’s crazy.

  • Katniss and Peeta forever

    That is way too long.Although I will never lose intrest in the trilogy it’s too long too wait.The actors could become very sick and not be able too do the movie,or they might decide not to do the movie.Even so, I can not wait for the movie too come out.

  • The Girl On FIre

    is it possible make it in 6 monthes couse they said that they wanted to make the movie for the holidays!!!Please my birthday is on the 29th and cant wait to watch the movie with my friends for my birthday (which will be early for the (hopefullt midnight screening)).  I just cant wait but i dont want the movie to completely be rushed and make my worst nighmare come true(justin bieber cast as finnick) if that would ever happen i would never look at the hunger games the same way again

  • Puppylover

    Way way way way waaaaaaaaay too freaking long!!! I don’t like it when they have to put so much make up on them just so that they don’t look so different compared to the first movie…….computer editing it is even worse because you can tell if it was computer generated.

  • Lizzybeth1209

    Its way 2 long 2 wait!!!!  I read the books and now i want to c the movie……when it comes out on DVD it will be 2014!!!

  • Stephanie Nichole Doyal

    It’s too long! I’m so sad we have to wait this long for the movies :(

  • Gvaughan85

    to lng of  wait but for all those crazed hg fans who have read all 3 book go to and serch waitin all my life its about katniss and peetas life after mockingjay through pregnanceyand birth long but very good

  • RebelGirl26

    Why does everyone take sides between Peeta and Gale? This is NOT anything like Twilight!

    • concernedcapitolcitizen


  • Jordan

    2013?!?!?!? and NOVEMBER!!!! that is wayyyyyy to long of a wait, I CANNOT wait that long. I’m what you call, a hunger games fanatic, Why such the long wait, I understand it takes time to make a movie, but lord, so so so long? Gosh, I’d rather you stab me than rip my heart out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley S

    Well that’s just ridiculous! 2013?! WTF?!

  • maddystyles

    way too long! some people might not wanna wait that long like me! people are gonna loose interest!

  • lovehungergames

    Come on people, these are just movies. Yes, I loved the HG and am looking forward to the other films, but a year is not that long to wait. And, people do not age that much in one year. Children may change a lot in a year, but all the main characters were young or older adults. Get a grip.

  • harrison

    way to long of a wait, you might loose peoples intrest.

  • L. McCrary

    I understand that during the thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to release a movie being that this is the one of the highest grossing times of the year for theaters, but the release date is too far away. Since this is going to happen, the first movie should have been released later.

  • victoria

    ive read all of the books and hope the movies as god as the book

  • Carlos Sierra

    cant wait to see it

  • aprilsocrazy

    OMG OMG i cant wait

  • Brooke Messmer

    I rather the director take a year to produce a good film like the first Hunger Games movie was than to rush through the second, Catching Fire, and it be a crap. Hard work is worthwhile. :)

  • gale lover

    i dont know if you have noticed but it not that suprised about the relese date. if you have noticed, but jenifer lawrence is in two movies before the relese date of cating fire, and josh hutchurson,AND liam hensworth are in the same movie before the relese date. when your main charecters are doing other shows or movies WHILE in the process of creating the movie (catching fire) there isn’t many scenes to film that their NOT in.

  • galelover

    one reason the rest of the movies are coming out november of each year i think is to follow what i call “fandom season” twilight movies have come out in november and most people usually have the fall fandom anticipation . so i think the hunger games creators are just following the “pattern”

  • biny tnal

    it is way to long move it march like the Hunger Games was. please please.

  • cassandrac

    Catching Fire is defently the best book in in the hunger games series its the most romantic book of the series! love it!

  • Dysirah Smith

    WHAT THE HELL!!!That’s way to long!! make it sooner!! August works for me

  • Philip

    I just wish I was around then. I don’t care about their age. I just want to see it when it comes out which isnt happening

  • peeta hamark

    whats it rated

  • Harley robb

    I wish it was coming out sooner, catching fire is my book in the series. Oddly enough I can’t wait to see the sugar cube scene with katniss and finnick and I’m excited to see johanna as well.

  • Augbar

    Haha this guy moved to our school and he looks like peeta :3

  • katniss22

    duh its too long we need to know now im so excited anticipating it a bunch it sucks we have to wait 7 mons until its here.

  • kayla boo

    I can’t wait for catching fire but mocking jay can wait :)

  • searchingtickets

    Where do we get the Premiere tickets?? But most: where is it happening!!?

  • gymnast

    When is the dvd coming out!!! For catching fire. Oh and loved catching fire!!!

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