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“Hungry for ‘Hunger Games’” Makes a Thanksgiving Feast

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In order to celebrate Thanksgiving, the ladies who make “Hungry for ‘Hunger Games’” picked out some Hunger Games themed recipes that could be part of a Thanksgiving day feast. There’s a soup, main course and a dessert all being demoed in the one episode. They also include a link in the video to last week’s episode that goes over the side dishes for the main course. Check it out below:


Since there were so many recipes in this episode, they did not put all the measurements for the dishes in the video, but don’t worry because the full recipes are in the video’s description. Let us know if you make any of these dishes, and Happy Thanksgiving to those readers who celebrate it.

[Source: Schemestresses]


How to Brew Up Some District 12 Pine Needle Tea

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For all you Hunger Games fans out these who love to cook it’s time to get back into the kitchen because the web series “Hungry forHunger Games” is back with a second season and all new recipe demos. This first one is pretty simple tea that Katniss made in District 12, but a good way to get ease back into the kitchen.



While she didn’t mention it in the video, I’m sure Rachael rinsed off those pine needles some before steeping them in the water. Let us know if you make this tea and how it tastes!

Source [Schemstresses]

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Season 2 Trailer for “Hungry for Hunger Games” Series

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Great news for those Hunger Games fans who also love to cook, or want to try cooking, there’s going to be a second season of  “Hungry for Hunger Games”. It will be starting November 1st and fans should expect a new recipe demo every week. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, you can view some of the previous posting we’ve done on here at our sister site Check out the trailer below and let us know what new recipe you hope the Schemestresses make, or if you’ve come up with any Hunger Games inspired recipes of your own.


[Source: Schemestresses]